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Arctiq’s Top-List for 2016

As we wind down 2016 and look forward to 2017, the Arctiq team has compiled a list of our top-everything, as well as the best overheard conversations around Arctiq collaboration events. Here’s looking forward to all the advancements 2017 will bring, both personally and professionally…Happy New Year!

Top Software Product: OpenShift, honourable mention to Ansible

Top Partner: Red Hat, followed closely by GitHub

Top Customer: Nice try! We love you all!

Top Technology Discussion: Containers

Top Socializing Establishment: McVeigh’s

Top Wait Staff: Orna, of course!

Top In-house tooling: Accelo, with a rising star nod to Notion

Top Event Location: Batch

Top Arctiq Event of 2016: Practice Safe Devops, with 45+ attendees!

And finally, the Top-10 conversations overheard at Arctiq events in 2016:

  1. Is it “arc-tik” or “arc-tique”?
  2. How do I get a Polar Bear sticker? And who is Stefansson?
  3. When can I meet Holly?
  4. Where the heck did Shea’s beard go?
  5. You mean DOCKER containers, right?
  6. Let’s grab a beer at [ McVeigh’s, Betty’s, The Office Pub, Irish Embassy, P.J.’s, Firkin and Something, Duke of Anything… ] and talk more about [ DevOps, Containers, Security, etc. ]
  7. No! I told you, we don’t sell NetApp!!
  8. Where can I get one of those GitHub hoodies?
  9. So at what point do we enter the kernel?
  10. A phone system?!?
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Mike Morrison

Mike is President and co-founder of Arctiq.