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Toronto Azure Meetup Recap – From Code to Containers and Automated Pipelines on Azure

Arctiq recently presented to the the Toronto Azure Meetup Group. The topic was Linux Container Platform (Kubernetes, OpenShift and Ansible Automation) including Pipeline Automation – From Code to Containers and Continuous Delivery on Azure. You can read the presentation description here on our events page. Yes, it was a lot of content to present in an hour but the Demo Gods were nice and everything worked as designed.

It was a great meetup and turnout, lots of great questions and interest in the technology we presented. A big thank you to the Toronto Azure Meetup crew for hosting the community members.

We had some requests to have the session recorded so we decided to post a blog recap with demo’s video’s and explain the use cases and how we made it all work.

So let’s get into things, here are the topics we are going to cover.

  • Discuss Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift (What capabilities enterprise customers really need?)
  • Quickly dive into Ansible and Ansible Tower Automation (What can it do anyways?)
  • Demo utilizing Ansibe Tower to provision all the required Azure Infrastructure to host the OpenShift Container Platform. We will cover a bunch of topics here, security, networking, storage, virtual machines…
  • Demo the provisioning of OpenShift on Azure using a huge Ansible playbook.
  • Next Daniyal will demo using the newly provisioned container platform from a development prospective. He will provision the required application automation components and build an application pipeline to deliver a Continuous Delivery pipeline.  Also show the integration possibilities and advantages when working with tools like Jenkins, Nexus, SonarQube and GitHub web-hooks.

Opening Presentation (Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Ansible, Tower) – Part 1

Azure Provisioning Demo (Using Ansible Tower to provision Azure Infrastructure) – Part 2

Pipeline Automation Demo (OpenShift, Jenkins, Nexus, SonarQube, Github) – Part 3

Interested in learning more or discussing any of the technology we utilized we would love to hear form you. Make sure you checkout the local Toronto Meetup community, lots of great people and technology to learn about.

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