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Collaborative DevOps at CBC

Growing up in Canada, there aren’t many people who have not been exposed to the CBC as part of their daily lives.  From Hockey Night in Canada, to The National, to CBC Radio…there likely isn’t a Canadian who hasn’t been exposed to the CBC.  It’s ingrained in our national culture!

When the opportunity arose to help CBC modernize and transform their customer facing website, Arctiq jumped at the chance. Red Hat, Arctiq, and the CBC have been an inseparable team ever since.  Working with modern tools from Red Hat, anchored by the OpenShift Container Platform, Arctiq and CBC have worked collaboratively to containerize their web presence.  It’s been a fun and exciting project, and fills the Arctiq team with Canadian pride!

I personally grew up in and around film studios, cameras and lights, and watching live broadcasts from inside the CBC studios.  I wanted to be a cameraman (until I realized my skills were lacking in that area…), so it was a little sentimental to have a super professional film crew in the Arctiq office. Participating in the production of a CBC, Arctiq, and Red Hat success story was also a ton of fun!

We hope you enjoy watching our video, along with some of the behind the scenes footage. And a big thanks to Massimo and the CBC for being a fantastic client, and getting in front of the camera to share this great Canadian story!

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Mike Morrison

Mike is President and co-founder of Arctiq.