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A Year and a Half – Part 1

My plan was to write this blog at the Arctiq 1 year mark, but business got in the way, so I figured the 18-month mark is also a good time to capture some thoughts. It’s also a nice reflection point when looking back at a busy, challenging, productive time for our young, growing company. “WOW” a lot happened! Many important aspects came to mind that were critical to building and running a brand new business with an amazing team.

Building a business and not just delivering technology

When I look back at my first blog series Time to Scale its a nice reminder of what Arctiq set out to accomplish. A lot goes into building a business, especially one that wants to avoid typical growing pains as we take off. Early-on we spent a lot of time on the business, selecting and building the tools required to automate things; to avoid the repetitive tasks that take focus away from our real goals. Automating project time reporting, billing, expenses, website updates, recruiting, etc., would set a foundation to build upon. Many startups seem to focus on these things secondly, which is understandable (we get to work with many of these companies now!).   I am happy to say we are 100% Cloud based for all our running-the-business_ tooling.

Knowing when to Pivot This is always a hard business decision. It is one of the main reasons we started Arctiq – to move away from the traditional IT infrastructure business. Along the way we picked some tools that did not lend well to automation, for example they didn’t have a flexible, open API. It created some extra work but we made the decision to put a bullet in them and investigate, evaluate, and test new platforms. These pivots positioned Arctiq much better for future growth. Some of the key tools we are using today are: Avaza – Managing the Business, ~ Notion – Docs / Wiki, ~ Trello – Task Management, ~ Slack – ChatOps, ~ GSuite – Content and Files, and ~ GitHub – Code Management and Web Application Platform more on that later…

A Solid TeamOur Team Page

I discovered very early in my career that the most important factor to success in any business is a solid team and trusting partnerships After the business was established it was time to figure out who would be part of the team, we were very fortunate to have a solid group come together. We made made the decision to structure the business as a partnership, the core team would be partners in the company. Arctiq operates this way today, and we don’t bother with fancy titles, we are Partners and Consultants. Everyone took some time to put an initial blog together, you can check them out here >

By this point we had a solid beginning, and an approach to build upon. In my next post I discuss our valuable external partnerships with Red Hat, GitHub, and other key relationships that helped us grow quickly. We also expanded the team and gained focus, I’ll introduce you to those topics next.

This Blog was getting a bit long to cover all the topics…

Check out part2 of this blogA year and a half, – Time to focus

Interested in learning more or discussing any of the technology we utilized we would love to hear form you. Make sure you checkout the local Toronto Meetup community, lots of great people and technology to learn about.

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