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Announcing dashai – an Arctiq Open Source Community Project


Arctiq, Inc. is pleased to announce dashai, an open source community dashboard project released under the MIT License. Available immediately to deploy from GitHub, dashai is designed as a lightweight dashboard framework for easily creating and sharing integrated dashboards of multiple data types and sources.

The dashai framework integrates Grafana, InfluxDB, and Prometheus, for feature rich data visualization in a simple to deploy package. With dashai, community users can be up and running quickly to:

  • Create visualizations of complex data sets through an integrated framework and community supported templates
  • Build custom views for any team, or user, or team of users with a self-service web-based UI
  • Integrate graphical visualizations of data from operational systems, API feeds, and Google Sheets
  • Deploy quickly in the cloud or on premise in any platform supporting docker containers

Initially designed as a simple view into infrastructure status, dashai has evolved into the perfect tool for monitoring complex ( and awesome! ) systems such as the OpenShift Container Platform by Red Hat, including the associated Git data on successful merges in addition to build status. Product owners can build a view of open ticket trending alongside commits and sales forecast data. Business users can monitor any external data feeds available via API, including the available Google Sheet connector. Thus dashai allows users to create dashboards that reduce clutter and only present the data that is truly relevant.

Arctiq welcomes community involvement in the dashai project through the public GitHub repository. Future integrations are planned, and detailed in Projects. To meet the team, collaborate with the community, and help continuously improve dashai join the open Slack channel and be heard!

About Arctiq

Arctiq Inc. is a Canadian-based open source services organization, focusing on the enablement of modern software technologies. Arctiq offers consulting, delivery, and training services in DevOps methodologies, containers, automation, infrastructure-as-code, security pipelines, and other transformational technologies.  Arctiq’s partners include Red Hat, GitHub, HashiCorp, Meta Networks, Aqua Security, SysDig, MongoDB, Microsoft, Google, and F5. For more information, visit: Press release contact: [email protected]

About dashai

dashai is an open source community project by Arctiq Inc., designed as a lightweight dashboard framework for easily creating and sharing integrated dashboards of multiple data types and sources. Arctiq encourages community involvement via the project’s GitHub page. Learn more and join the open Slack Channel at

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Mike Morrison

Mike is President and co-founder of Arctiq.