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Arctiq Announces Google Cloud Partnership


Arctiq, Inc. is pleased to announce a new strategic ecosystem partnership with Google Cloud. This bidirectional partnership will bring Arctiq workshop and consulting services to Google Cloud customers, augment the Arctiq Blueprint catalog with GCP specific pipelines, and announces a roadmap for dashai visibility tooling integration to the Google Cloud Platform. To kick-off this new partnership, Arctiq and Google are teaming up to bring none other than Kelsey Hightower of Google Kubernetes fame to downtown Toronto for customer workshops on June 28th. Stay tuned for specific event details and registration information.

Arctiq launched in early 2016 to address the services gap in modern transformational technology solutions, focusing on open source software and the services to enable their adoption in organizations across North America. With a collaborative ecosystem approach, Arctiq has formed a connected group of complementary partners whose solutions bring significant value to the end user. “Customers don’t simply purchase from a single vendor in the world of open source. Today’s projects require trial and error, and always integrate multiple vendors’ software into a single pipeline.” Says Kyle Bassett, Partner at Arctiq. “Customers need skilled technical help. Not because they don’t understand the technologies, but rather that they have decided to focus on their core competencies – their actual business – and engage us for best practices.”

Arctiq develops Blueprints for clients that span the areas of containers, automation, security pipelines, CI/CD, and multi/hybrid cloud. These solutions form the basis for repeatable, successful project delivery, with proven execution across a wide range of industries. “Repeatability of the Blueprint program allows us to deliver complex architectures quickly with minimal risk to our clients’ environment.” Says Shea Stewart, CISO at Arctiq. “Our clients have trust in the approach, since the results have already been proven similar environments, and we can showcase the technology in our GCP lab in real time.”

Arctiq provides technical enablement services across consulting, architecture, build, delivery, training and support.  Their focused expertise in DevOps, containers, security, systems management, visibility, and reporting provides clients with complete lifecycle support in modern development and software delivery approaches. This new ecosystem partnership will provide a method for Google clients to engage with Arctiq professional services, and seamless integration of Google Cloud solutions into Arctiq architectures and deployments.

About Arctiq

Arctiq is a services-led firm providing expertise in the new world of IT transformation, helping clients build continuous improvement strategies using automation, orchestration, DevOps methodologies, security, and customized workflows. Arctiq enables development teams to focus on development efforts and not infrastructure. Efficiencies are achieved through microservices and container-based solutions, self-service enablement, and repeatable deployment methodologies. Arctiq’s solutions help reduce risk and simplify tasks through standardized frameworks, workflow automation, and foundational IT practices. For more information, visit: Press release contact: [email protected]

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