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Will Nerd for Culture

I’ve been with Arctiq just under 3 months now. Having worked for myself for the previous 6 years, this was both a big change and an equally big decision for me. For me the culture of a company is very important. You can say “Life’s too short” – or pick any of your favorite applicable idioms – culture has to be right for you to be happy and productive in your career, regardless of what it is you do. Beyond that what we do on a day-to-day basis is completely awesome, the culture at Arctiq is right for me.


An important thing for me is flexibility. I live on the Bruce Peninsula (a reasonably remote location by Toronto standards). My wife is a nurse, and I have 3 kids, so a Monday to Friday 9-5 style job was not going to work. Nor did it even remotely resemble what I was interested in. I very distinctly recall stating in my first interview that if Arctiq was a “Monday to Friday, butt in seat kind of place, we should stop talking and not waste each others time”. Maybe that sounds like potential interview suicide but in my mind, I’ve been doing this whole IT thing for awhile now, and I know what is important to me. Not being stripped of the flexibility to work from home occassionally and be with my family is way up there on the list. Now obviously I’m writing this blog so the conversation didn’t end there.


The way we use tech, how we manage it, the types of tech available – it’s changing, and fast. I was really seeking a place that is progressively moving forward and solving new problems. Enter Arctiq – if there’s a hot topic in the computing world we are working on it – with new and upcoming tools and solving new and upcoming problems. It is doubtful this will ever be a place where you feel your skills are getting stale. It’s just not possible. Since starting, I’ve been completely imersed in a world of ansible, Google Cloud, OpenShift, IaaS solutions, PaaS solutions and the list goes on and on.


I knew Arctiq was a small team – I was #18. Part of my decision to stop working alone was just that – I was tired of working alone. It was important that any place I decided to join had a really welcoming team of people, who enjoy working together, and generally have a good time being around one another. Seeing as I have already spent far more time than expected with these great folks in my short time with Arctiq thus far, I can definitely say this is another one in the win column.


So those are 3 of the core elements I identify with inside the Arctiq culture. Just under 3 months in and I can easily say joining the Arctiq family was a fantastic 2018 decision for myself. I am not sure if I have really done the fantastic culture we have at Arctiq justice or not, I just know that for me, it works. In a time when the entire IT industry seems to be going through some major revolutions with the increasing adoption of cloud technologies, and the new problems being uncovered as part of this transtion – I am more excited than ever to be part of a top notch team of pros!

Like I said, culture is important.


One final plug – I’ve been working IT jobs since 1999, which means more than a couple job applications and interviews. The process for applying and interviewing at Arctiq is hands down the best I’ve experienced. Interested in joining? Check out the careers page and take the plunge, you won’t regret it.

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