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Becoming an Arctiq explorer

Change is never easy, but sometimes it is necessary and needs to be embraced. It is also a process, not an event. This is a story of my journey to becoming an Arctiq Explorer and challenging the status quo.


Backtrack to 2016. I was truly excited for a few of my then colleagues to embark on an adventure and start up their own business which was Arctiq: Intelligent Architecture. So what does Arctiq do? I remember hearing the term DevOps come up a lot to answer my question. Back then, I was in a sales support role transitioning to become an account executive. My professional background is in business finance, so I was still getting comfortable with technology concepts and buzzwords. After researching the world wide web and reading the “Phoenix project – a novel about IT DevOps and helping your business win”, I was starting to get a clearer picture on what DevOps might mean. In today’s rapidly changing world, Arctiq has proven to be a leading open source solutions provider. The team’s laser focus on always learning, lets them stay ahead of the curve, delivering cutting-edge emerging technologies to improve business outcomes. I am happy to report that today, I have a better grasp on what it is that Arctiq does and does best, and delighted to be a part of this visionary team. I look forward to my exploring of Arctiq!

Life before Arctiq

Having spent the last ten years of my career at a Toronto based IT solutions provider, I got to taste a few different roles from finance and sales support to account executive, and owe my experiences to those roles. In retrospect, I realize that change was necessary. It is never easy to snap out of the status quo, to challenge stability and embrace the unknown. On the other hand, timing is everything and that is life!

Before joining Arctiq I took the time to reset and rethink what it is that I want to do when I grow up. I sat down to review my resume reflecting back on the past roles and experiences. After attending a few interviews with a variety of companies, I knew I wanted to mix things up and not have to fill another traditional job title. Here, timing worked to my advantage. This was when I learned about the Advanced Office Wrangler role at Arctiq and it captured my full attention. It felt like the right fit to bring my experiences forward to help improve operational efficiencies, as well as lead an exciting initiative called Holacracy.

Embracing life, it was time to embrace change…. New beginnings can be filled with uncertainty but they are also filled with incredible joy and possibility. That was the feeling throughout the interview process.

[email protected]

Getting a real taste for what [email protected] might be was highlighted during the interview process. Having to deliver a mission presentation to the partners and team members was both challenging and fun. Additionally, it was a way to learn new tools, concepts and methodologies. This is a very different kind of interview process and by far the best experience I’ve had. It truly gave me a wholesome view of Arctiq as a company. I got to interview people in different roles, taste the culture and sense that things are always on and moving forward. It also helped me understand if the role and the company was a good fit for me. While at the same time, based on my presentation, the team got to evaluate whether I was a good fit for them. Tough questions were asked, ideas shared and challenged while remaining a transparent and safe environment. This is a true Arctiq culture and approach to doing business and I am living it!

The first 3 weeks @Arctiq

My first three weeks at Arctiq have been a whirlwind of learning and doing. Holacracy is a new concept to many including myself. Through a combination of research and learning-by-doing, I jumped into Holacracy both feet in. On day 2, I was facilitating my first Holacracy meeting and have taken on the overall roll out form that point on. Energizing the role of Holacracy Lead, I was enabled to make change in the company within only being on board for a couple of weeks, how cool is that? Looking ahead, I am excited to shape the Holacracy roll out and see how it plays out as Arctiq grows and matures. There are a few exciting things happening in the near future, such as weekly internal updates in the form of newsletter to share our progress with the team. Soon to be released external blog on how Arctiq has been playing the game of Holacracy is almost ready, as well as our first Holacracy themed meetup. I look forward to my explorations at Arctiq! To new beginnings and beyond…

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