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Collaborating with Google on Cloud Services Platform

Every once in a while I am reminded that all this cool new technology we are fortunate to make a living from still comes down to the people you get to meet and interact with. Looking back about 9 months, a couple weeks after we announced our official partnership with Google I was introduced to a couple Googlers that were working on a fresh new Kubernetes project. Most of the conversation was not about the technology or what they were building but what the market and our customers needed to be successful with Kubernetes. At this point it was no secret that Kubernetes was a very big deal and many people trying to deploy and manage it at scale were having some challenges. Google was clearly looking to solve these challenges and also take things to a new level.

Arctiq has a reputation for solving these exact type of problems. We started getting into microservices and containers back in early 2016, back then we had a feeling that there was something big happening. Docker starter the movement but Kubernetes quickly became the defacto orchestrator. Hype certainly helps people get interested in new technology but getting applications to production is another ball game. Most of our conversations were with “early adopters” who were wanting to push the envelope inside their organizations. The most surprising aspect was a large majority of these conversations were with enterprise customers. In the end many were still utilizing their private datacenter(s) and also on the hook for the Day 2 operations aspects. Rolling your own Kubernetes cluster was HARD and still is, this lead a journey of learning everything about OpenShift and many successful customer implementations.

Fast forward the #arctiqteam visits Google Next 2018 where we met the Google team tasked with delivering GKE OnPrem and what has become Google’s Cloud Services Platform to market. Its very exciting to see a product to go from idea to reality and even more exciting to be part of the adventure. Over the past 7 months Arctiq has been working with the Google team to test the software, debate, brainstorm on features and capabilities. Along the way seeing the software get more and more polished, stable and reliable.

On February 20th CSP became official (Beta was launched) and we can talk about our journey and what’s next. Arctiq got a nice shout-out in this blog about CSP. You can dig deeper into the Google Cloud Services Platform at the main landing page.

You will see that Istio and Knative are important aspects to the overall solution, you can get a run down of Istio here and Knative here.

Now that the Google CSP Beta announcement is official Arctiq is excited to be working with customers who are looking to extend their investment in GCP and GKE into their datacenters. This hybrid cloud thing is real and has a very compelling business case. Its always hard to argue agility, flexibility and having a choice.

Consider this blog an intro to what we are working on leading up to Google NEXT 2019 and beyond. I am super excited to be participating in a talk at Google Next 2019 and sharing some real use cases, reference architectures, future plans and innovative customer stories.

Interested in learning more about Microservices, GKE, GKE-OnPrem, Cloud Services Platform, or requesting Beta participation? We would love to hear from you.

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