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NEXT week is coming fast

The Year of Google

And what a year it’s been. I’m very excited to be headed to Google Next 2019 in San Francisco along with a host of other Arctiq representation including Chris, Daniyal, Marc, Kyle and Shea – Kyle is presenting alongside Google product management at the CSP launch breakout session, and Shea is running a demo at the Dev Keynote! It took quite a year with Google to get here when you look back. Arctiq’s model of GKE Foundation Blueprints, along with true teamwork in getting to market with platforms like CSP, quickly helped the partnership flourish. Google is investing big into Cloud and releasing all the enterprise tooling needed for mission critical production deployments, and even non-standard use cases. And Arctiq is delivering the use-case based services that surround Google’s key GCP offerings as a new Premier Partner.

But Also the Year of the Ecosystem

Besides all the cool cloud platforms and tools, Google is good for the partner ecosystem. They work well with others and it shows in our multi-vendor projects. Arctiq isn’t shy about promoting our ecosystem for the betterment of our clients, and the cool thing is – so is Google. Mutual partners such as HashiCorp, for their open source tools used by everyone, Sysdig and cutting edge container monitoring for GKE, or F5 for their modern software solutions in network security. The Google ecosystem and platform is open, which is great to experience.

Let’s get back to NEXT

Even without a booth (gasp!) the six of us will be wall-to-wall busy, no doubt. Cool new tools and tech, meeting with ecosystem partners face-to-face, and showing clients the demos they came to see. And oh yeah, and presenting on stage! Make sure you check out Kyle’s Breakout session, and Shea’s Dev Keynote demo:

And even yours truly is getting into the act by moderating a BrightTalk panel on Enterprise Security and Compliance in the Cloud. Just moderating…don’t get any ideas 😉 That said, it’s another fun thing happening at what will be a busy NEXT for Arctiq this year! I

What you can Expect

Blogs, blogs, and more blogs – of real technical content! We have tons of content to help you follow along with the solutions coming from NEXT, content to really help augment your experience with GKE and GKE On-Prem. Kyle will be capturing and editing a couple Fireside chats (if you’re into filming one, hit him up! And the whole team will be gathering use cases to solve with CSP…take the first step and bring us yours.

See you at NEXT!

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Mike Morrison

Mike is President and co-founder of Arctiq.