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Anthos Config Management Demo at Google NEXT

In line with our previous blog and demonstration with automated GKE node scale up, Anthos Config Management has a number of different use cases. In the Google NEXT Developer Keynote: Get to the Fun Part demonstration we focus on the phrase “What’s In it for the Developer!”

In a world where developers want:

  • Faster, more scalable test infrastructure
  • Automated alignment with operations and security teams, and
  • Less kubernetes yaml knowledge / experience

One such solution points to leveraging GKE for test/dev infrastructure requirements, and GKE On-Prem for production deployments.

Anthos Config Management provides an elegant solution to align and control the configuration of GKE clusters across GKE and GKE On-Prem, and places that configuration in the hands of operations and security teams. This capability reduces the need for developers to include any kubernetes components with their application code so that they can simply focus on the code itself.

Watch the video here to see it in action:

Interested in learning more about Anthos Config Management or any of the Google solutions can help make hybrid cloud a reality? We would love to hear from you.

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