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I’ve had the recent privilege and honour to take the reigns of the official Toronto Ansible meetup. To some this may seem a small thing, but I’ve always wanted to have a hand at bringing a community of like-minded people to an event that drives collaboration around a focus on a compelling open-source tool. The Toronto meetup stage is rather saturated with the number of meetups, and even more so with the number of those talking about the same groups of topics. There’s good and bad to this, but I’d rather focus on the benefit of having no shortage of places to hear from subject-matter-experts about topics that we are all battling everyday in the world of cloud, containers, and open-source software integration.

The March 19 (2019) Ansible Toronto meetup was a great success, based on turnout, but more importantly, based on the great feedback. People have expressed a need to hear more speakers talk about Ansible and things related to it. Attendees have expressed that the meetup is valuable, and I feel empowered as a result, to keep it running. There’s no question that we’re thankful to have the Arctiq HQ as a hosting spot and I’d like to thank the ArctiqTeam for being so helpful and involved. I’d like to point out that the meetup itself isn’t directly associated with Red Hat, and keeps a fully open-source stance, but occasionally receives sponsorship from Red Hat given that the meetup was in place prior to the Ansible acquisition by Red Hat.

To bring everyone up to speed on anything that might have changed for the meetup..

  • The plan is to meet once every 2 months. By that count, we’re planning the next one for mid-late May
  • The start time will shift back from 7pm to 6pm, and we can amend that, given feedback
  • Community updates and news appears to be important, and will stay on the content roster
  • Both more advanced and more basic content demos/ examples have been requested and will happen
  • The stance on CFPs is to shun product pitches
  • The community is encouraged to submit talks on anything relevant to our
  • There is a slack instance available (eventually will figure out self-signup)

In the March meetup we spoke about a few things

  • How Ansible and Terraform can quite confidently complement each other for provisioning and config management
  • The Ansible 2.7.x updates and significant features, including popular module updates
  • The simple case of using Ansible on a local system to make it do things that are otherwise tedious or annoying… win-win!

As for what’s to come in May, we’re hoping to see more people step up and volunteer to talk about something to the group, and continue to have new faces in the later meetups to come. With AnsibleFest and Red Hat Summit on the horizon, I doubt there’s a shortage of topics to discover and talk about in our refreshed version of our favourite meetup about an automation tool. I hope to see you at the next one!

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