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Ansible Meetup May 2019

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Our Spring season Ansible Meetup was a refreshing look into other parts of the ecosystem of Ansible. We also had the chance to go over some of the 2.8 release details, but more on that after the guest speaker details.

It was our pleasure to have guest speaker Curtis Collicut to talk about OpenStack-Ansible, an impressive collection of Ansible work that uses (amazingly to me) Ansible 2.5 to build an OpenStack platform. Curtis is a systems integrator/ engineer with a focus on open source projects and telecommunications. He’s also a member of the Open Source Networking meetup, which was previously hosted at Arctiq HQ as well.

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For those that haven’t built it before, OpenStack consists of MANY components that need to be installed, configured, integrated and prepared, which simply wouldn’t fly as a manual task. While there are numerous methods for getting OpenStack to stand up, I’m sure we could argue that Ansible is an excellent choice!

I definitely look forward to an eventful July Ansible meetup! Bear with me as I finalize the date and the presenter(s) ! Please remember we’re always looking for talks!

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