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Navigating Anthos with Arctiq

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Arctiq recently hosted an event with Google and Sysdig in Toronto titled Navigating Anthos – a Focus on Hybrid Cloud Visibility. At the event we provided a deep dive into the Anthos toolkit including various use cases we are hearing about from customers and our eco-system. The team focused the majority of the time on showing off “what’s possible” with Anthos and how to configure various aspects of the software stack that’s available today.

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Sam from Sysdig also provided 3 technical demos that I think you will find interesting. Keep an eye out for more technical blogs on these topics including new and emerging use cases we discover along the way.

You can watch the talks and demos below or check out the Arctiq YouTube Channel for more technical video’s, community event and discussion.

Kyle – Google Anthos Solution Overview, and what you really want to know
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Tim – GKE OnPrem Deep Dive and Technical Platform Demo
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Chris – Anthos Config Management Technical Demo (GitOps Workflow)
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Aaren – GKE OnPrem Storage Options (Robin and Portworks Demo)
{% include video name=”pyY_iVp9pRg” %}

Sam – Sysdig Monitoring and Security Tooling Technical Demo
{% include video name=”2_G3Wn5LRZ4″ %}

Paul & Tim – Istio and ServiceMesh Hipster Store Demo, Leveraging GKE and GKE OnPrem together
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Kyle – Google CloudRun and OnPrem Demo (What Knative brings to the table, Serverless, Functions…)
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You can also learn more about Google Anthos here and Sysdig here

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