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On to new adventures

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On to new adventures

On to new adventures

August 2018 – I am on my way to my first trip to Canada ever. My connection takes me to Copenhagen, then Iceland, and finally Toronto. But I am getting ahead of myself.

I was about to leave Germany to build a life with my wife in Toronto. After selling my belongings that shouldn’t be shipped to Canada, canceling all sorts of contracts, and forwarding mail, I thought I’d thought of everything.

On my layover in Reykjavik, I couldn’t get my boarding pass to Toronto because I hadn’t applied for an Electronic Travel Authorization. (Pearls of sweat started to show on my ~~large~~ forehead.) Luckily, there was enough time to quickly go online and apply, wait for the confirmation email, and get my boarding pass (thanks internet!).

Meanwhile in Germany a friend was handing over my old flat back to the landlord, or so I thought. Turned out that there was some miscommunication and the appointment didn’t happen. Instead of communicating directly, the landlord emailed me (thanks internet!).

Hours later, after these small hurdles were behind me, I arrived in Toronto and stayed at a bed and breakfast before moving into the new condo.

Finding a job

Once all the required documents were sorted I could take on the next challenge, finding a job. Some applications later, I decided to attend meetups. By chance, I stumbled upon an Ansible meetup hosted by a company that didn’t come up before during my job hunt. It was the Ansible Meetup May 2019 with quality content hosted by Arctiq. Afterwards, I did my research on what the company is about and decided to reach out. This would be an opportunity in stark contrast to my prior engagements. A very modern work culture, dope tech, and challenging projects.

The mission

A couple of chats later, I received my mission to provision a Google Kubernetes Engine cluster plus a multi-tiered application of my choosing. This mission provided insight as to how customer projects may look like or what set of different technologies are appropriate.

Embracing the new work culture

In July, I became a proud member of the Arctiq team. Now, it is time for me to get comfortable being uncomfortable in the best sense. Adapting to an entirely different, very modern work culture. Huh!? Meetings can be done in a way where people are engaged, participate and a tangible outcome is achieved. My favourite quote on the first day:

Don’t email me!

Erm, okay, Slack it is 🙂 Onboarding was swift and I jumped into some training material to get up to speed for an ongoing project. All team members are super nice and are happy to help one another at any time.

Reflections of the last two month

I met amazing people who share a common goal. Adapting to the new work culture is still in progress but every expedition begins with one step after the other. Team members invested the time to listen to my thoughts and struggles while always providing guidance. We even have designated roles for mentoring, how awesome is that? Ha, there, I said it ‘we’.

Onwards and upwards! Go, team!

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