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Arctiq and OpenText Optimize EIM Offering with Google Anthos

OpenText is an organization based out of Waterloo, Ontario, specializing in Enterprise Information Management (EIM) software. EIM is a valuable tool which helps organizations manage, organize, and extract insight and value from their data, while also maintaining compliance adherence even as regulations change. OpenText EIM is available in a variety of formats: on-premises; in the OpenText Cloud; and as a SaaS offering called OT2.

In 2018, OpenText announced the intent to deploy the EIM solution suite on Google Cloud Platform with containerized application architecture for flexible cloud or hybrid deployment models. In addition to containerizing their application, OpenText also faced a key challenge around data residency. OpenText Cloud needed to be able to guarantee certain customers’ data would reside within a certain country or geographic region. A large replatforming effort lay ahead, and there was little time to execute it.

Over 2018 and 2019, Arctiq had been consulting with the Google Cloud Kubernetes Product Engineering team after being selected as a global design partner to work on a breakthrough product, Anthos, that would allow organizations to utilize a hybrid cloud approach to their business acceleration transformation efforts. A successful implementation of Anthos Beta was showcased in a sold-out session at Google Next 2019, generating a lot of positive buzz and excitement for the possible use cases this solution could be applied to.

In this particular use case, Anthos was a platform that OpenText could adopt to develop software and easily ship it to a client using GCP; rather than focusing on multi-cloud vendors, it could optimize the EIM product for GKE On-Prem, Anthos, and Google Cloud Platform. After the general availability of Anthos was announced, Arctiq and OpenText began to collaborate on services for the architecture, best practices, and implementation of a Google Anthos environment.

The Anthos Foundational effort would be a multi-phase project including a custom architecture build; piloting a GKE-On Prem cluster; followed by a post-pilot GKE On-Prem build. However the project was facing timeline restraints leading up to OpenText’s Enterprise World conference in early July 2019, which meant that the teams had less than 60 days to successfully implement and validate Anthos as a solution. In order to remain on track with the deadline, Arctiq proposed their proven team-based approach to run certain aspects of the project in parallel, using reliable and repeatable methodologies, leveraging a mix of onsite workshops and remote work.

As a direct result of the collaborative work between Arctiq and OpenText, OpenText CEO and CTO announced OpenText’s expanded strategic partnership with Google Cloud marking “a major inflection point” in the evolution of the OpenText cloud business. Customers will have a broader choice under the OpenText Anywhere program with GCP being the preferred cloud option. By leveraging a newly containerized EIM application running on GKE/GKE-OnPrem, OpenText touts “Never Upgrade Again” message and looks forward to leverage additional Anthos features as they are available such as GKE on Azure/AWS.

OpenText announced the general availability of containerized versions of several EIM applications; has committed to several product integrations with Anthos, GCP, GSuite, and other Google Cloud products; and intends to use Google Cloud Platform to enable disaster recovery services for its customers.

“Working with the Arctiq team in tandem with Google Cloud is what helped us to push our Anthos implementation over the line,” said Jason Huang, Director of Software Engineering at OpenText. “Arctiq brought a wealth of deep Anthos knowledge to the table, were collaborative with our own team in terms of setting up project goals, and respectful of our time-sensitive deadlines. OpenText is thrilled to take the next step in solidifying our Google Cloud relationship as a result of the success of the Anthos implementation.”

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About OpenText

OpenText, The Information Company™, enables organizations to gain insight through market leading information management solutions, on-premises or in the cloud. For more information about OpenText (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTEX) visit

OpenText Corporate Headquarters Waterloo 275 Frank Tompa Drive Waterloo, ON N2L 0A1 Canada

Phone: 519-888-7111 Fax: 519-888-0677

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