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Scouting Over the Next Hill

Wow, what a view!

I was always that kid running on up ahead and calling back “Hey everyone! You gotta see what I can see from here!”.

The same sort of excitement flowed when I started discovering the power and intrigue of computers in the late 1970s and then the microcomputer revolution of the early 1980s. And then the communications revolution brought by the modem and BBS systems in the late 80s, followed by the internet in the 90s, the interactive web in the early 2000s, mobile technology since 2007, social media, virtualization, cloud services… and here we are, on the cusp of the year 2020, and I’m still ever clambering upwards to see what’s over the horizon.

Don’t just share the knowledge, share the journey

It’s hard to convey just how fortunate I’ve been to spend my entire career in an industry that continues to feed my insatiable interest at such a breakneck pace. I’ve also enjoyed being involved in the amazing culture and community surrounding technology, from international collaboration on bulletin boards, Usenet and social media, to the face-to-face interaction of meetups, BarCamps and conferences. Sharing the journey of discovery with like-minded people makes learning that much more rewarding.

Here at Arctiq, I’ve joined a diverse and growing team of like-minded industry professionals who thrive on helping organizations to adopt emerging technologies with a focus on best practices and a culture of open collaboration and community. The company itself runs as a Holacracy, collaborative and innovative to the core. Communication and collaboration are key to our continued success and foremost in our day-to-day habits and processes. Each of us here is on our own journey of learning and growth, solidly supported and continually given a boost by the shared experiences of our peers.

Keep an eye out for me and the ever-expanding Arctiq team as we participate in and host various events and workshops and represent ourselves and our partners at conventions and meetups.

Partnerships promote increased momentum

Much like a spacecraft will use the gravitational pull of a large body to create a slingshot effect, launching it further and faster into space, Arctiq engages with a wide spectrum of industry partners to provide stellar services to its clients at the right time and in the right space. I am looking forward to being a part of these symbiotic relationships, staying at the leading edge of new developments so we can lead our clients confidently into new and innovative products and solutions.

Are we there yet?

At this point in an already long career, my answer is: There is no there there. There’s always another hill beyond the hill, another horizon beyond the horizon. The journey itself is the destination.

So here I am, strapping on my crampons to forge ever onward and upward on this Arctiq quest to see where it takes me. The journey has never disappointed me yet.

Hey everyone, you gotta see what I can see from here!