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Arctiq, Google, and Anthos – Celebrating One Year of Hybrid Multi-Cloud

April 2020 marks one year since Anthos was announced at Google Cloud Next ‘19! While we’re not gathering together in San Francisco this month to celebrate, here at Arctiq we are taking time to reflect on the incredible journey our Google Cloud partnership has taken over the past year.

Some of our accomplishments include:
* Arctiq’s Google services revenue increased by more than 8X from 2018 to 2019, and has continued to skyrocket into 2020.
* We achieved Premier Partner status, validating our success as a boutique system integrator; 75% of our technical staff hold a Google Cloud Certification.
* We attained an Infrastructure Specialization, which requires consistent and ongoing customer success, an expert team and diligent technical evaluation.
* Our expertise with Anthos brought us the opportunity to be the first Canadian Partner to receive Google Cloud’s elite Hybrid Multi-Cloud Fellow certification. As a result, we are representing Canada on the world stage alongside the global Strategic Integrator community.
* Arctiq has successfully deployed critical Anthos Enablement Pilot engagements to more than 20 world-wide clients, most of whom appear on the Fortune-500 list.

“Arctiq is a strategic go-to-market partner for accelerating market adoption of Anthos” – Jennifer Lin, VP Product, Google Cloud

Arctiq’s core values of Open, Collaborative, Social, Community mesh seamlessly with Google’s famous work culture. Our ongoing relationship with Google laid the foundation for deeper ties with engineering and go-to-market product teams. Engaging with Google Product & Engineering at Cloud Next ‘18 led to months of deep collaboration between our teams on what would eventually become Anthos. Arctiq tested new product releases, provided detailed feature requests, documented third party integrations, recorded how-to demos and wrote implementation guides.

“Arctiq has been instrumental in working with our core Anthos engineering teams to develop and bring Anthos to market” – Eyal Manor, VP Engineering, Google Cloud

When Anthos launched at Cloud Next ’19, Arctiq showcased the first Anthos customer success story, Optiva’s core billing application running on Anthos on VMware, to a sold-out room! We also presented a memorable GKE CI/CD pipeline demo at the fast-paced Developer Keynote.
Arctiq has supported Anthos growth with thought leadership on Google podcasts, Stack Chats (Anthos in Action with Arctiq and Architecture in the Classroom with Arctiq) and many client events. We had the opportunity to present to analysts from Gartner and Forrester at Anthos Day in New York City at Google’s Chelsea office; demoed alongside Kelsey Hightower for Anthos events in Toronto and Montreal; and presented a session on Extending the Anthos Consistent Experience to AWS at Next UK with Allan Naim, after being positioned alongside other global Service partners Deloitte, Accenture, and HCL in an exciting keynote delivered by Jennifer Lin!

Arctiq aims for a high standard of innovation, acceleration and scale. Our unique structure enables work on complex client projects remotely, while retaining a lean and agile workforce through Holacracy. Headquartered in Canada, we have developed a Global presence through our partnership with Google Cloud. While the majority of our 20+ new Anthos clients are based in North America, inquiries have spanned the globe as far as Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

Arctiq has defined and released repeatable Anthos Enablement offerings, accelerating success in clients’ hybrid multi-cloud journey. Identifying repeatable patterns for Anthos also uniquely positions Arctiq to enable other Global Solution Integrators on our own proven implementation blueprints, rapidly expanding the global Anthos footprint and discovering new use-cases every week.

Want to learn more?

//take the first step and reach out to the Arctiq team for a copy of Forrester’s New Technology Projection: The Total Economic Impact Of Anthos!

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