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Arctiq Announces Acceleration Blueprint Services for Anthos


Arctiq, Inc. is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Accelerate Anthos Blueprints, pre-defined blueprint services for Google Anthos – a hybrid multi-cloud application modernization platform. These blueprints streamline the onboarding of apps to Anthos and increase the pace of app migration, through Arctiq’s proven blueprints and repeatable patterns. Available immediately, these services have been carefully curated from Arctiq’s significant experience deploying Anthos globally, and through partnership with Google Cloud on Anthos go-to-market and development initiatives.

Arctiq is Google’s #1 global Anthos Service delivery partner with dozens of large enterprise Anthos engagements delivered to date. Through these versatile client engagements, emerging patterns pointed to areas of potential focus to accelerate clients’ Anthos journeys. Working with Google, Arctiq developed these key repeatable patterns into blueprints designed to get applications into Anthos rapidly and successfully. Arctiq’s Acceleration Blueprints for Anthos are designed to increase client maturity in Anthos from pilot-to-production, as well as improve Anthos adoption velocity through specific growth offerings.

Foundational maturity blueprints are designed to increase a client’s maturity running applications in Anthos through a three step progression to Production. All three steps focus on application modernization and skills enablement to ensure success.

  • Onboard – Achieve true Hybrid-Multi-Cloud with one of your own apps running in Anthos
  • Day 2 Ops – Prove Anthos can securely perform as an enterprise platform with your tooling and process integrations
  • Production – Operations consulting, process definition, and tooling integrations required to achieve full application-in-production on Anthos for your key apps

Repeatable pattern growth blueprints are designed to overlay and accelerate the foundational maturity program, increasing overall adoption velocity and proving multiple hybrid multi-cloud and application modernization use cases.

  • Anthos Acceleration Labs – Create a pipeline of applications to onboard to Anthos, along with up-skilled dev and ops team members
  • Pattern Discovery Workshops – Get hands-on lab time with real-world Anthos use cases in ArctiqLabs
  • M4A Migration – Mass migration of applications to Anthos and GKE using a lift-and- optimize approach

These Arctiq Acceleration Blueprint services for Anthos are available immediately for global consumption. Take the first step and reach out to Arctiq today to discuss your detailed Arctiq enablement package!

About Arctiq

Arctiq is a services-led firm providing expertise in the new world of IT transformation. We help clients build continuous improvement strategies using automation, orchestration, DevOps methodologies, security, and customized workflows. Arctiq helps development teams focus on development efforts and not infrastructure. Efficiencies are achieved through microservices and container-based solutions, self-service enablement through automation, security pipelines, and repeatable deployment methodologies. Arctiq’s solutions help reduce risk and simplify tasks through standardized frameworks, workflow automation, and foundational IT practices.  Arctiq’s partners include Google, Red Hat, GitLab, HashiCorp, Aqua Security, GitHub, SysDig, MongoDB, Microsoft Azure, and F5. For more information, visit: Press release contact: [email protected].

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Mike Morrison

Mike is President and co-founder of Arctiq.