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For the past fifteen years, I’ve worked closely with the founders of startups across a range of industries, utilizing technology to solve their business problems. It’s been a true privilege to have had the opportunity to be exposed to a wide spectrum of companies, from print to fashion, finance to art, and even a startup dealing with selling wine online (🍷 Salute!).

“Organizations which design systems … are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations.” -Conway’s Law

The author Yuval Noah Harari (Sapiens) writes that if you put 50 monkeys in a room, you’ll soon end up with a big mess. Do the same with 50 humans and before you know it, they’ll get busy working on something. How we mobilize, self organize, and build systems has always intrigued me. Conway’s Law dictates that our designs mirror the limits of our communication systems, with all their faults and precision. At my past engagements, I’ve witnessed different approaches with varying results. And now, I find myself at Arctiq in the company of a growing team of highly skilled experts who are working on bleeding edge technologies with a unique management approach.

At Arctiq, our management and governance style is the likes of nothing I’ve seen before. Here, we follow a style called Holacracy (would you like to know more?). Holacracy is a framework for structuring and managing organizations in a non-traditional way. It replaces the traditional top down approach with a distributed authority – no management; essentially you are your own boss, where team members are trusted to manage their own accountability and empowered to solve problems. This decentralized nature, when combined with a defined constitutional governance structure that enables transparency, creates the ecosystem we call ArctiqOS. To the uninitiated, it may look strange and confusing – but believe me, it gets results! Continuous improvement happens at a very fast pace. A change that elsewhere takes three meetings over the course of a month to discuss (and with no certainty of execution) is a ten minute conversation topic out of many at a regular hourly governance meeting. It’s a refreshing take on the status quo.

Before I joined Arctiq, I worked with a career coach in my MBA program. We were tasked with creating a personal pitch detailing who we are and what we want. For my “want“, I stated my desire to work with smart people at a boutique company that’s well funded and with great culture. Questions arose, as my “want” seemed generic to some who believe many companies have smart people and great culture. This observation is not wrong, it‘s simply based on the limits of the individual’s own schema. When I said yes to Arctiq, I knew I had found exactly what I wanted.

I very much look forward to working on challenging new projects with my smart colleagues at this healthy company with great culture. 😉

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