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The Year in Review – 2020″

So… how was your 2020?

After a year that was often disorienting, it can be grounding to take a moment to look back at your accomplishments. What thing are you most proud of from the past year? In what ways did you grow in spite of (or, because of) the difficult moments?

While Arctiq’s services delivery model has long been remote-first, we struggled with shifting our social and community-oriented activities online. Back in February, we were ordering furniture and equipment for our brand new community meetup space, excited for all of the events and people we would be hosting this year! And then, we had to stop.

After some time to regroup, we figured out a few alternative ways to stay active in the tech community. Here are some of the 2020 accomplishments the Arctiq team is proud of!

Dive Bar DevOps \
This was a long time coming and we’re so excited to finally get to share the results of our labour! If you haven’t listened yet, take a look at the episode list and see whether any topics pique your interest. We have had an amazing roster of guests and lively conversations, and we’re just getting started!

  1. “Give me two weeks” with Tim & Kyle
  2. “The Godfather of Anthos” with Wes Hutchins
  3. “The Master Inventor” with Dustin Kirkland
  4. “You Will DevOps When You’re Done” with Todd Wilson
  5. “Kubernetes Therapy” with Dan POP Papandrea
  6. “AC/DC Pipelines” with Michael Winser
  7. “All Things Istio” with Dave Munro
  8. “Want to Come to Boston?” with Jacob Mammoliti
  9. “Friends Don’t Let Friends Write Books” with Seth Vargo

Check out Episode 1 here \
We really had fun running with the Dive Bar podcast theme and turning it into (virtual) reality. With green screens and the magic of editing, we’ve almost perfected the fun of going to a bar while staying at home. Please let us know what you think! We’d love to have more fun with video editing in 2021.

And commissioned 20 event posters! While virtual event burnout is definitely real, we still love the ability to extend the life of an event by taking it online. We do miss the community, pizza, and pops, but being able to share demos and discussion with a wider audience has been amazing — not to mention the incredible guests we’ve had! \
All events are listed here, and have been updated with the on-demand link for easy viewing.

(Well, 47 if you count this one…)
These were the most-read blogs of 2020:

  1. “OpenShift 4 Authentication via Azure AD” by Aaren de Jong
  2. “CI/CD with Argo” by Tim Fairweather
  3. “Multi-cluster Management with Kubernetes Federation v2” by Greg Reboul
  4. “Transferring state in an Ansible Workflow” by Marek Anderson
  5. “Authentication Policy and auto mTLS in Istio 1.5” by Jacob Mammoliti

We are looking forward to kicking off 2021 on a fresh note and a clean slate — you’ll notice some changes over the coming days and weeks, so keep an eye out for an exciting announcement!

Community is really important to us, and we do events, demos, and blogs for YOU. If there is any technology you want to learn more about in 2021, let us know. We love labbing and testing new tech in our spare time — just give us two weeks!