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Ending 2020 on a High Note

I’m only a couple of weeks away from my 3 month anniversary here at Arctiq and there’s already plenty of things to reflect on. For starters, I was given the opportunity to join such an amazing company during one of the strangest years I’ve personally lived through. Being able to land a job at a company like Arctiq, or for that matter anywhere, during COVID produces a feeling of gratefulness that I revisit from time to time as the pandemic continues.

Having my first week be remote was a weird feeling initially, but the onboarding process that was put together quickly replaced those feelings with excitement instead. Throughout the week everyone I met always ended our chats making sure I was aware that they were always around to help in any way they could. This offer to help is still brought up frequently and is seen everywhere throughout the company.

Stepping out into the consulting world is never easy. Having little to no experience behind you only adds to the stress. So knowing that your team members are always around to help makes the journey a little less daunting. To add to that, so many incredibly smart people work here at Arctiq that when help is given it’s going to be top tier.

In the IT field, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed in trying to keep up with technology, at times feeling almost impossible. At Arctiq, it’s part of our job to ensure we’re always up to date. This sort of requirement attracts a certain type of person, and around here there’s no shortage of them. It seems like everyone is eager to learn about the latest technology trends, only to turn around and set up a demo to show the rest of the team.

Now I’d be lying if I said this journey has been a total walk in the park. Due to the nature of the job you’ll be completely stressed out at times trying to wrap your head around a certain concept. The feeling of not being good enough has definitely crept up from time to time. While no one at Arctiq holds a magic potion to help completely dissolve these feelings, everyone is very aware that they exist which allows for an open discussion about them. This sort of culture can be extremely helpful when times get tough.

My time so far at Arctiq has been amazing. There’s no shortage of opportunities to learn new and exciting things and work with some pretty cool tech. Because of the time they’ve invested in Holacracy, if there’s an idea or a change you want to put into place then there’s nothing stopping you from bringing it in front of others to discuss. I’ve never seen a place this packed with such smart people who have a passion for what they do. It’s a place where you strive to be your very best.

I very much look forward to this journey and where it takes me.