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Arctiq Announces David Briand as new CTO

Arctiq is pleased to announce that, effective March 22, 2021, David Briand has been appointed as Chief Technical Officer (CTO).

David brings over twenty years of technical expertise, most recently spending 5 years as Head of Software at Nest Wealth where the company grew from 3 to 75+ people under his technical leadership. Prior to Nest Wealth, he was the technical founder of StaffUp, and built his career as a sales engineer, software engineer, consultant and strategist.

“Arctiq has built itself up as an award winning cloud enablement player, providing services to an impressive list of organizations,” said David. “Building on that success to enable digital transformation across a wider range of challenges our clients are facing is something I can’t wait to tackle with the impressive team at Arctiq.”

Forming a new leadership team with Arctiq’s President, Mike Morrison, and CEO, Eric Ng, David will be responsible for setting technology direction and enhancing Arctiq’s technology, ecosystem, and go-to-market strategies, as well as leading Arctiq’s team of highly skilled technologists.

“Today, Arctiq focuses on the foundations of application transformation, which is becoming more mainstream through continued industry adoption,” explained Mike Morrison. “Today’s software development pipeline is yesterday’s hardware, so we must look beyond in order to stay relevant and continue supporting our clients’ transformational processes. This means getting closer to the application and data layers. Arctiq will continue to invest in building solutions and platforms to meet our clients and partners where they need us”.

About Arctiq

Arctiq is a professional services consultancy based in Toronto, Canada.
Arctiq specializes in open source, hybrid multi-cloud, and container technologies. We work with organizations that are excited to see the outcomes of transformation. Our expert consultants turn technical teams into rockstars.

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Scott Cooper

Scott is a Marketing Coordinator at Arctiq.