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Arctiq Announces Bursary Program to Support Underrepresented Individuals in Technology

Arctiq is thrilled to announce that it is awarding two (2) educational bursaries to NPower Canada’s most deserving program participants who identify as female, non-binary, and/or trans*, in their pursuit of higher education or industry certifications.

The disbursement of these individual bursaries will support the successful recipients with the cost of pursuing higher education in technology, including a postsecondary degree or diploma and/or industry certifications, thereby equipping them with the advanced tech skills required to progress in their careers.

“Arctiq is proud to stand up and ensure the deserving individuals selected are able to continue their education and career path in technology,” said Eric Ng, CEO at Arctiq. “Our core values embrace an open and collaborative community, and this community cannot thrive or grow without new and diverse voices leading conversations and a culture shift in our industry.”

On Wednesday, May 19th, 2021 over 50 participants from NPower Canada’s graduating youth programs attended a virtual panel event entitled “Closing The Gender Gap in Tech”, where Arctiq’s female-identifying senior team members shared strategies on thriving in the technology industry. “Not only do diverse voices and individuals belong in the technology industry, the technology industry needs them,” said Erika Misasi, Legal Counsel at Arctiq. “(It) needs diverse voices and individuals sitting at the table to enable its next phase of transformation and growth; this is one of the keys to truly unlocking its unlimited potential.”

The eligible students of the NPower Canada program(s) have been made aware of the application process, and the two deserving recipients will be announced in June 2021.

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Scott Cooper

Scott is a Marketing Coordinator at Arctiq.