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Your Business Needs a Better Data Platform

Data is your organization’s most valuable untapped asset.

Data is the backbone of every modern business, but often that data lives in silos across an organization — which means its value has a limit.

In recent years, legacy IT infrastructure has struggled to keep pace with the flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of cloud computing. Similarly, there is now a growing gap between new data practices, cloud storage, and the old world of traditional data warehouses. Many organizations have begun their journey to a cloud-first or hybrid cloud model, but you’re missing a key part of the puzzle if your data is still stored in a legacy data warehouse, or worse, managed manually across disjointed applications and spreadsheets.

If your technology stack is holding you back from being able to deliver on advanced analytics, it will become more and more difficult to stay competitive in your market.

You have a vision of what could be possible if your data was organized and accessible to everyone across your organization. Arctiq can help.

Arctiq Blueprint: Data Platform Quickstart

Arctiq’s Data Platform Quickstart is designed to help you realize the value of your data — no matter where it’s stored today.

In four weeks, Arctiq will prototype a data platform solution to help you:

  • Make proactive data-driven decisions with up-to-date information
  • Remove data silos so everyone your organization is on the same page
  • Reduce the high cost of on-prem and custom built big-data solutions
  • Reduce turnaround times for your analytics team
  • Increase data visibility and transparency

Why Modernize with Arctiq?

Arctiq is not a reseller of licenses or subscriptions. We are motivated by making sure our customers get the solutions they really need, and do that by working with the right Vendor partners to ensure success.

Arctiq’s Data Platform Quickstart is designed to enable your organization to realize value from your data estate. We focus on areas where data is ingested, transformed, stored, as well as security, governance, AI/ML lifecycle, and orchestration. By implementing the right data platform to support your analytics, data science, and data engineering teams, we will ensure that you have the technology you need to support your modernization efforts. Our solution architectures are opinionated and deliver based on design principles that are proven at scale.

Empower your teams to innovate faster and smarter. Modernize your data stack with Arctiq’s Data Platform Quickstart.

Read more about our new Data & Analytics practice led by Frank Thomas.

We service data innovation. Start your Arctiq journey today.

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Scott Cooper

Scott is a Marketing Coordinator at Arctiq.