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Catching Rays with: Olena Shtepa

Introducing “Catching Rays”, a new monthly feature where we take a moment to shine a light on the individual people who make up the fabric of Arctiq.  It’s my hope that these conversations will allow us to get to know one another better, and to share and celebrate our collective stories.

Once a month, I will sit down to have a casual conversation with my fellow Arctiq team members.  We’ll chat about life, the person’s career, some rapid-fire questions, and wherever else the convo naturally flows to.  Then I’ll share the highlights of the conversation here on the blog and on social media.

Our first “Catching Rays” profile features Olena Shtepa, our fearless Partner Sales Leader.  Many thanks to Olena for being the first to step up to the plate.

(If you were curious, “Catching Rays” is a reference to the “light rays” that make up the Arctiq logo. It’s also a nod to taking a moment for reflection, being present, and soaking up some rays of sunshine-y, vitamin D goodness.)

So, without further ado please enjoy the highlight of the conversation I had with Olena.

Name:  Olena Shtepa 

Job Title/Position:
Partner Sales Leader

What would you say is your “Arctiq Superpower”?:
Nurturing relationships and moving things forward with partners and companies.  As a Mom with kids, I do have that caring side; to try and put myself into the shoes of the person I’m dealing with.  I am passionate about what I do, so I care and always go above and beyond, putting others in my place.  I advocate and promote teamwork, because even though it may sound corny, we all win together!  The rising tide floats all boats.

What is the most important career lesson you’ve learned along the way?
Often times, it’s the simplest things that resonate and work the best for me.  So I have three things that I have learned along the way that have served me well: 

  1. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.  
  2. Effective communication is key.  
  3. Believe in yourself and your vision. 

What is something that most people wouldn’t know about you?
I am a mom of 3 children (soon to become 4!), and a 2019 Muay Thai World Champion in the Light Welterweight division.

What is one piece of tech from any point in time that you wish you were a part of?
When it comes to technology, well, I’m not technical! I do work a lot with HashiCorp and know Armand and Mitchell’s origin story and think very highly of their company.  So I think about being involved from an early point, being a part of the footprint and the difference they were making for their clients is extra special.  As far as the best tech invention, I would say the Shazam app.  It fascinates me how they can cross reference so many things and still deliver the right result almost all the time.  It feels like magic to me.

Current obsession:
Over the pandemic I have taken up playing the guitar.  I’ve also missed swimming with all the pools being closed. I know that for my postpartum recovery I would love to get back to the Muay Thai gym and training, plus with the move out of the city I look forward to embracing cross country skiing.

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