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Deliver Your B2B Apps Simply and Securely

If your business relies on delivering applications, data, or app access to your customers, you know the most common problem: connectivity. The ability to simply and securely provide a data connection to your many different clients is just not affordable. You either pay high costs to source proprietary software and/or hardware (Citrix, Cisco, PaloAlto, etc) and live with it’s design and ongoing support fees, or you take some risks and cut costs. Neither option is ideal.

Not meeting your customers where their technology lives is costing you business.

If you are forced to mandate tools or pay for separate VPN software to manage connections, it is complicating your access to customers and adding risk to your revenues. B2B data connectivity must be fast, secure, and simple, requiring little to no action on your customers’ part. If this situation hits home, read on to learn about a modern open source highly-available solution Arctiq deploys for our software clients. Oh, and did I mention the software is free?!

New born-in-the-cloud or software-defined businesses have designed access to their servers into the stack from the outset. Typically deployed as an open source, simple to script, fully “as-code” secure VPN connection, requiring no additional effort on the part of their customers. If you’re still using a traditional “installed” proprietary VPN platform to connect to your customers, consider this open source alternative, delivered as a cloud-native stack, reliably supporting all your client connections.

The solution is designed around a lightweight (low-code), widely supported, open source VPN called WireGuard. For an enterprise grade B2B solution, Arctiq deploys WireGuard in Kubernetes using Git based infrastructure-as-code routines. Your application traffic is globally load balanced across multiple availability zones. Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and even your on-premise data centre can be architected into a service mesh for extreme high-availability. To ensure the platform is performing as designed, automated health checks are integrated in the telemetry providing instant feedback to those who need it most.

When compared to proprietary solutions designed even in more recent years, this globally available WireGuard VPN solution is faster to deploy, more widely accepted, easier to support, and at significantly lower cost. The ability to deploy multi-cloud via service mesh and integrate automated health-checks puts it above many other traditional connectivity solutions.

Arctiq designs and deploys these hyper-scale connectivity solutions for our modern software-native clients. Whether born in the cloud or migrating from traditional architectures, Arctiq will help design and build your modern VPN platform. The details aren’t magic, but bringing it all together requires experience in cloud, automation, and secure networking. Arctiq’s experience with these modern platforms and designs ensures we have a solution for your B2B software connectivity challenge.

Reach out below so Arctiq can help service your innovation.

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Mike Morrison

Mike is President and co-founder of Arctiq.