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Say Hello To VAP (Vault Acceleration Program)

In late October of 2021, I participated in one of the best meetings I’ve been invited to since becoming the CTO at Arctiq.  One of our top partners, HashiCorp, introduced me to the Vault Acceleration Program (VAP).  We immediately saw the value of the program and as of this publish date, Arctiq is the first HashiCorp Partner in North America to offer this service to our customers.  HashiCorp has 11 partners participating in the program.

You might be asking yourself, “If VAP is such a great program, and HashiCorp has introduced it to 11 other partners, how is it that Arctiq is the first out the gate?”

Great question.

The answer is because it’s so in line with our current methodology and Innovation Framework that it wasn’t a big shift for us to offer it up.  We like the prescriptive nature of the program so much that we’re looking at launching other accelerator programs in the areas that we play the most in.  It only makes sense.

What’s in VAP that makes it special?

One area that delineates VAP from similar offerings is that it adheres so closely to the Five Whys discussed in our Yet Another Innovation Framework blog.  As a summary, if you ask “Why?” enough times, you’ll eventually get to the root of an issue as you wade through its symptoms. 

VAP heavily focuses on identifying the people and process inhibitors that can often prevent federation of great tech.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  A “people inhibitor” isn’t about an individual that’s stopping adoption – it’s about how people sometimes have trouble mapping organizational challenges to technical and process change that could overcome those very challenges. 

VAP overcomes these mapping challenges by asking a series of questions to help provide thematic areas of improvement organizations can undertake to build a more savvy technical team when it comes to Vault and its offerings.

If you’re wondering why you’re still hearing about secrets in plaintext or if you’ve heard rumblings that the team managing your security is a friction point for deployments, bring us in and we can help, leveraging the guidance from VAP.

You’ll be left with a great roadmap describing where you are today, and what tactical actions need to be dealt with to help hit your strategic goals and desired outcomes.

Look for more discussions on HashiCorp, Vault, and Innovation as we continue to release more content over the next few weeks.

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Dave Briand

Dave is the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Arctiq.