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Catching Rays with: Marc LeBlanc

We’re back with the next instalment of “Catching Rays”, a monthly feature where we take a moment to shine a light on the individual people who make up the fabric of Arctiq. These conversations will allow us to get to know one another better, and to celebrate our collective stories.

(*catching rays is a reference to the “light rays” that make up the Arctiq logo, and also a nod to taking a moment for oneself, to be present and soak up some conversation.)

Marc LeBlanc 

Job Title/Position: 
Delivery Leader (Marc leads our team through bleeding edge DevOps deliveries, architecture, and automation projects)

In brief, what does your position entail?
I do what needs to be done.  One of the main things is making sure that the consultant team has what they need, whether it’s training or tools, to be successful and feel confident.  My job also entails being a good role model, leading by example. I make it a point to not put anything on the team that I wouldn’t be willing to take on myself.

What would you say is your “Arctiq Superpower”?:
Again, just a big believer in leading by example. Years ago I was involved in a deployment that went wrong, but I knew what the problem was and how to solve it.  My leader didn’t even know how to log into the system. It felt kind of disgraceful to have a leader that couldn’t do the job.  We have an awesome technical team here at Arctiq, and I don’t have the depth that some of the folks have in certain areas, but I am always able to have a conversation, I’m more than willing to jump in and help. I’m very comfortable around complex problems and feel like through my own work, I can set the tone and lead by example.

What is the most important career lesson you’ve learned along the way?
You are more successful if you’re tackling the hardest problems. Here’s a little story to explain: in my younger years I was big into competitive mountain biking.  I would always train and practice on the hardest trails and paths.  The idea is, if you’re constantly training on the hardest things, when it comes to doing whatever you need to do, it’s going to feel easier because you’ve already done the hard work. That’s been a guiding principle for me.

What is something that most people wouldn’t know about you?
People might not know that I’m very, very competitive. Like I mentioned, I used to be into competitive mountain biking, competitive swimming, too. Now with some of my recent passions like BBQ’ing for example, my wife and I have entered BBQ competitions and traveled to New York, Memphis, Alabama, and all across Ontario (Canada).  

What is one piece of tech from any point in time that you wish you were a part of? 

I try not to dwell on things, I try to stay in the moment and have always been more interested in what’s happening right now.  If you told me ten years ago the types of things we’d be doing with tech now, I’d have said ‘no way, not possible’.  There is always something interesting happening.  I think tech really started moving and became a little more mainstream with the launch of (gaming console) NES, and it just kept picking up steam big time. It would have been interesting to be in tech at that time, just because it was such a catalyst moment.  If you drew a circle around that launch, so much great stuff was incubated around that time.  

Current obsession:
That’s a hard one – 
I have a lot of hobbies!  My wife and I got a ridiculous new smoker/BBQ rig that’s been occupying some time.  I’m also trying to build a fairly large ice rink in my yard.  Trying to go for a 25’ x 50’ rink.  Should provide for some good winter fun. 

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