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Gone are the days of SDLC assessments with clunky spreadsheets...

The DevOps EQ aggregates data from all teams involved in the Software Delivery Life Cycle, including operational, infrastructural, software, application components, and security. It uses this data to calculate process inefficiencies, their impact on people, and insights for improvement. Devops EQ can also provide a service solution to remove inefficiencies and create new technology capabilities.

DevOps Consultation-as-a-Service

Get a clear understanding of your organizations DevOps process.

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Are you resilient?

How vulnerable is your SDLC to external business pressures (i.e COVID-19).

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Can you sustain and scale?

Are you moving fast in a way that sustains and scales.

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Where is orchestration needed?

Implement orchestration requirements based on what SDLC stage is slowing you down.

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How much orchestration do you need to buy?

Identify how the increase in orchestration needed to reach equilibrium and beyond!

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How the assessment works


Contact to co-ordinate workshop

We will be in touch within 1 business day to answer your questions and set up a time that works.


Session 1

1 hour working session to map current and future SDLC state. (draw.io artifacts).


Session 2

Measure the source of your metrics and SDLC. Our DevOps Equilibrium application will provide a match for business requirements to your talent pool & technology.


Solution Offering

We will be in touch within 1 business day to set up a time that works for you.


It is an assessment tool developed by Benchmark’s DevOps Software Engineering team to identify orchestration needs. Its purpose is to match your SDLC requirements to the available staff and heroes. If used correctly this can ensure an organization not only protects its talent pool but also innovates.

The DevOps Equilibrium is used by Benchmark staff as part of a facilitated and highly specialized assessment workshop.

A typical assessment costs approx $25k

This is a 1-2 hrs session where we map out the current state of your Software Delivery Life Cycle (SDLC) and create a clear tactical or specialized roadmap/proposal that will sustain and scale under your measured constraints.

The coordination of your entire organization’s DevOps practices and the automation tools you employ in pursuit of your goals. Orchestration is the only way to completely remove talent heroics as your delivery becomes resilient to unplanned or planned pressures.

Contact us to coordinate a workshop. It is a custom JS application we developed to answer and measure the questions that need to be asked. What are my DevOps Human Metrics?

We use our report and assessment artifacts to jointly create a high value target outcome and future state SOW. After all we are a highly specialized services provider that is reinventing DevOps globally.

Many customers believe they have orchestration. If you change your release cadence does it have an impact on your staff? If yes, contact us to help.