In the rapidly changing tech space, everyone wants to be on top. Arctiq can help you get there.

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Introducing SUMIT
It’s all about the view

Arctiq presents the first of its kind, Consultation-as-a-Service platform that gives you massive, 360 degree visibility into the state and maturity of your organization’s entire IT and Engineering departments.

Aggregating data from your organization (via our full suite of applications)

SUMIT creates your very own dashboard which allows you to fully optimize and prioritize your Engineering / IT department's roadmap.

Industry insights

Compare your current state and future state goals to the industry

Get the most up-to-date industry insights and compare your organization's maturity with competitors, anonymously.

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Security Controls
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Increase agility by introducing streamlined processes with minimum tool introduction

Quickly identify the bottlenecks in your development processes

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Identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities and loopholes

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Increase savings and cut budget by prioritizing areas that need attention (skills, automation, modernization


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DevOps Consultation-as-a-Service

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DevSecOps Consultation-as-a-Service

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Observability Consultation-as-a-Service

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AppSec Consultation-as-a-Service

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