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DevSecOps Consultation-as-a-Service. A comprehensive Zero Trust framework for the modern day

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A modern framework that values security over compliance

It's 2023. The popular security frameworks in place today have accumulated technical debt because customers need to be compliant and make their renewals. However, this prevents the frameworks from updating fast enough to address today's threats.

DevSecOps Consultation-as-a-Service

Simply checking boxes does not make you secure

Identify and prioritize the vulnerabilities that are critical to YOUR business

How the assessment works:


Contact to co-ordinate
a workshop

We will be in touch within 1 business day to answer your questions and set up a time that works for you.



90 minutes virtual working session, complete assessment survey


Solution Offering

Package our findings and create a specialized Statement of Work (SoW) addressing your security challenges.


Zero Trust in itself is an approach to security where nothing is trusted. To get there as a stretch goal we need to map our depth of controls and progress to a Low Trust model. Zero Trust is extremely difficult to implement in the practical sense. We have created an application to understand what matters specifically to your organization and its methods to reduce risk. There are no scope limitations to our model (not vendor or criteria). This helps CISOs and Directors gain insights quickly that would otherwise only be attained through a vCISO.

Our ZTM is not just an opinionated framework, it is the combination of the entire security landscape and practices (v1.0 - Released Feb 2022). When we choose a specific framework, we gain dated controls and blind spots. With our approach it is a quantitative methodology for assessing your security approach and the associated risks for your company. It is also maintained by CISOs and Engineers who lead the DevSecOps/Governance Engineering field, and in-band security practices.

The ZTM is used by Arctiq security experts as part of a facilitated and highly specialized Zero Trust assessment workshop. The application is intuitive, however the discussion is highly valuable to clients to gain additional insights through our recommendations and report creation.

A typical assessment costs approx $15k

Contact us to coordinate a workshop. We use a secure custom React and NodeJS application we developed within our Software Engineering department. Our unique approach to Zero Trust and DevSecOps is a quantitative way for the specific profiling of your company and its IT asset risks. Control the risks in a prioritized way based on why your organization is unique, not just using an indifferent and dated framework.

We use our ZTM risk grid and assessment report to jointly create a high value target outcome and future state SoW. After all, we are a highly specialized services provider that is reinventing DevSecOps globally.

Many customers believe they have a strong security posture due to the adoption of a globally recognized security framework. This isn't actually true and our ZTM will show you why. Additionally, our controls will map to those well known frameworks and highlight any missing practices. If your coverage of another framework is shown to be high, maybe that becomes a future target improvement?