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Course Overview

In this hands-on lab focused course, participants will learn how to configure, maintain and operate a HashiCorp Enterprise Vault cluster. The workshop is intended to give students an understanding of the tooling and methodologies involved in operating a secure environment with Vault policies, and troubleshooting real-world environments and situations. Students will each get their own dedicated, pre-built lab environment in the Google Cloud Platform, leveraging Google Kubernetes Engine.

Skills Gained

By the end of this course, students will be confident in their understanding of the configuration and upgrade processes, as well as monitoring and maintenance tasks. Students will also be able to identify further ways Vault can integrate into their organization’s applications and workflows.


Introduction and overview of Vault


Tokens and policy concepts


Choosing the right storage backend


Enabling different types of secrets engines


Enabling different authentication methods


Managing Vault with Terraform


Automating Vault’s configurations


Importance of rekeying and rotating Vault


Exploring disaster and performance replication


Utilizing Vault for “encryption-as-a-service”


Incorporating Vault into CI/CD Workflows


Troubleshooting tactics

What our students are saying


British Telecom

It's been a real pleasure working with you guys, and you have helped me realize that microservices is something that I'm really interested in, and has lit a new fire in me, so thanks for all the support.

Jennifer Carbone

Google Cloud - FSR

Well prepared, great customer presence, great (and flawless demo) - THANK YOU!


About OpenText

The workshop session overall went very well. The knowledge transfer in terraform was great. Marc and Stuart were great and showed extensive expertise in the area. They answered many questions on real-world usage of terraform and general CI/CD, that helped the team understand the bigger picture. More importantly, it was clear that by the end of the workshop, the team is now thinking in terms of infrastructure as code. They are considering how we can integrate this mindset beyond just the GCP effort, but also in our existing applications and environments.


Some understanding of Git; basic Linux skills; high-level understanding of CI/CD processes; familiarity with writing yaml/json is an asset.

Who should attend

DevOps Teams, Sysadmins, Architects, Operations Teams, Cloud, and Security Teams

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Format: Virtual
Language: English
Duration: 2 Days

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