Anthos Bare Metal

Arctiq implemented and integrated Anthos Clusters on Bare Metal into the Customer’s environment

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Goals Achieved

The project began with discovery sessions to validate and configure prerequisites for the correct implementation of Anthos. Technical workshops were held to enable the Customer's team through integration into their lab environment. Day 2 Operations focused on showing necessary process changes to support the solution, and knowledge transfer workshops were held for development and operations personnel.


The Customer was seeking a way to expand into new markets but was facing an issue: to comply with the Federal Wire Act, they needed edge hardware to record transactions in each state where they operated. To solve that problem, the Customer wanted to focus on a solution with room to expand. After evaluating a few solutions, they chose Anthos for its ability to provide more control for their development team.


Arctiq supported the creation of a pilot of Anthos Clusters on Bare Metal within the companies lab environment. This implementation was to function as a repeatable blueprint that could be duplicated into additional regions to scale operations while complying with the Wire Act. Arctiq also trained the Customer's team to manage the solution and provided post-implementation advisory to ensure adoption.


Our collaboration with the Customer's team was seamless: the working sessions went well, and we promptly responded to their feedback. We had great communication with the client and Google throughout the project. This resulted in the project scope aligning with the Statement of Work and all ambiguities being resolved.

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