Anthos GKE on Prem Program

Arctiq provided consulting services and enablement for the Customer to architect and implement Google Anthos environment and supported tooling.

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This Customer had a mandate to offer the Kubernetes experience to their business users over the next few years with a planned migration to sunset their legacy infrastructure. This change means improved developer experience to run applications for the business and provide consistently stable customer experience to the users of these applications. Arctiq helped with architecting a roadmap for this infrastructure and cultural transformation project and focused on the phased approach, where we used MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to move the Customer along this journey.

Goals Achieved

Arctiq was able to review and validate their Anthos GKE On-Prem Design and recommend changes to deploy GKE On-Prem MVP in their sandbox environment, moving the customer closer to one of their main goals - making the developer experience uniform in both on-prem and GKE environments.


The Customer needed to stay focused and not try to boil the ocean with this company wide, multi year initiative. Arctiq stepped in to review and validate Customer’s Anthos GKE On-Prem Design, recommend potential changes, and finally deployed the GKE On-Prem MVP in their sandbox environment.


The solution for this Customer included enabling audit logging for admin and user clusters; enabling platform logging and monitoring for admin and user clusters: using the fleet project to store all logging and monitoring data, and providing platform users with restricted access to the logging and monitoring of data.


Arctiq set a strong technical foundation by validating architecture and shaping up the overall roadmap for this extensive modernization undertaking

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