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Arctiq worked on the Anthos on VMware cluster deployment of the customer

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With over a century of experience managing money, this Customer provides their clients with investment solutions worldwide, while still providing local expertise and market-by-market insights. This means delivering new business and customer value faster, at a very large scale and in a secure manner is always top of mind.

Goals Achieved

The goals of the pilot initiative were to provide direction and fulfill the requirements for the deployment and configuration aspects of the VMWare virtual infrastructure; recommend tooling and integrations such as linking to GCP projects and enabling visibility of on-prem clusters from GCP Console; and finally providing guidance for the deployment of Anthos clusters on VMware.


The Customer was looking to modernize their operations to better serve their customers. After evaluating different alternatives, they decided to follow in the footsteps of modernization efforts of their parent company and replicate the Anthos on VMware cluster deployment as a pilot initiative. They chose that option due to its service mesh and on-prem (edge) capabilities and because they wanted to use VmWare with Kubernetes exclusively on premise.


Arctiq led this pilot initiative leaning on the proven Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach to project delivery, deploying Anthos on VMWare in three phases. First, Design and Architecture discovery workshops were held to plan for the installation. The solution was then implemented, and, finally, a single containerized application was deployed. Throughout this process, documentation and knowledge transfer were provided to the Customer to support future Anthos implementations at a larger scale and the application deployment process.


Strong communication and collaboration with the Customer teams lead to a successful completion of this deployment. Additionally, the Customer found recorded working sessions to be highly beneficial.

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