Anthos Service Mesh Discovery

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This customer runs exclusively in GCP, but they were going through a merger with other business units globally, so they needed to standardize their technology tools and processes. The Arctiq team helped elevate Customer's DevOps maturity and worked with their teams to discover the current network state, and plan the subsequent adoption of Anthos Service Mesh using best practices.

Goals Achieved

Through a phased discovery approach and synthesizing what we’ve learnt about the Customer’s current service mesh state, Arctiq produced an executable roadmap for the adoption of Anthos Service Mesh as well as subsequent engagements to realize the roadmap.


This Customer was looking to migrate from their existing microservices network architectures and custom authentication methods over to a standards-based service mesh using Google Cloud’s Anthos Service Mesh. This program spans a number of engagements and started with a discovery.


With Anthos Service Mesh, you get an Anthos tested and supported distribution of Istio, letting you create and deploy a service mesh on GKE on Google Cloud and other platforms with full Google support. Anthos Service Mesh is deployed as a uniform layer across your entire infrastructure and service developers and operators can use its rich feature set without making changes to application code.


Arctiq delivery team was able to create a breakdown of tasks to keep the client informed about what to expect each week of the engagement, and the project was completed on time and within budget.

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