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Apigee X & Cloud Armor

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A financial services company based in Montreal was looking to validate an API Management solution. Their operations center around identity and transaction verification and they achieve that by relying on API technology that aggregates financial data allowing for easier evaluation and management of lending risk. The Customer wanted to reduce the workload on its backend services by offloading heavy lifting to an API gateway. They were interested in Apigee X.

Goals Achieved

The successful completion of this PoV qualified Apigee& Cloud Armor as the selected solution for this Customer’s API management solution.


Showcase and lead Accelerated Apigee X & Cloud Armor Proof-of-Value (PoV) engagement. The Customer has identified this PoV as an essential step to move forward with the acceptance of this solution for their project.


Arctiq ran an Accelerated Apigee X & Cloud Armor Proof-of-Value (PoV) to validate the feasibility of the solution for the Customer. Project kicked off with Architecture and Design workshops, and the deployment of Apigee X & Cloud Armor. Arctiq demonstrated Apigee X & Cloud Armor features in a production-like environment with proxies that target internal back-end services in GKE to showcase the solution's business value.


Arctiq delivery consultant impressed the client with their thorough presentation during the demo sessions, leading to high satisfaction and interest in further topics. As a result, we scheduled additional sessions to demonstrate private DNS zone setup, BigQuery export, and multi-tenancy setup.

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