DevOps Advisory Services: Streamlining IaC strategy

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The Customer had a company-wide strategic plan to invest in technology and digitalization to improve their customer’s experience and simplify internal processes. Arctiq started working with the Customer teams to help them spread the DevOps culture in the organization, focusing on best practices and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) review. This included code validation, which would lead to code being the single source of truth for application deployment, resulting in a faster and more resilient process, while improving the overall developer experience.

Goals Achieved

The Customer now has a fully validated strategy and a direction to streamline their DevOps automation journey via Infrastructure as Code using Terraform.They are set with a validated and fully automated application release process and have repeatable code to run applications in production. This creates a fully automated and version controlled process simplifying tasks for all the internal teams involved.


While there was acceptance from the overall organization, some pockets within were still resistant to change. Arctiq needed to validate the investment in automation and showcase that IaC was a positive change. Some Customer teams were used to the old, manual application deployment processes, while the DevOps teams wanted to fully embrace automation. Our task involved demonstrating the positive impact of adopting IaC and verifying its effectiveness.


As the customer was fully set up in Azure Devops pipelines, and had put together a good roadmap, Arctiq was able to provide a review of the roadmap and share recommendations. 

Specifically, Arctiq provided over-the-shoulder guidance and validation of the Customer’s DevOps strategy using Terraform to build Microsoft Azure resources. We reviewed the Terraform code to structure it so that the customer is set up to build Azure web applications, including multiple application services, web, functional and logic applications and to keep the database separate. We also established their virtual network using Terraform, adhering to industry best practices related to policies and protocols. This configuration enabled the automation to be duplicated within their production environment.


The Customer has materially advanced their goals as a result of Arctiq’s advisory services and over the shoulder consultative approach

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