Modernizing and Reducing Infrastructure Costs with Microsoft Azure Red Hat® OpenShift® and Red Hat® OpenShift® on Amazon Web Services

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Facing challenges with a complex, multi-provider IT environment, the Customer aimed to enhance agility and reduce costs through standardization and a shift towards DevOps. Adopting Microsoft Azure Red Hat® OpenShift® (ARO) and Red Hat® OpenShift® on Amazon Web Services (ROSA), chosen for their integration with their strategic hyperscalers and robust container application support, was central to this transformation. Arctiq's expertise in cloud-native solutions and DevOps was instrumental in leading the journey for the customer, playing a crucial role from the start in steering the Customer toward their objectives.

Goals Achieved

The Customer achieved significant cost savings and enhanced agility by adopting ARO and ROSA. This transition resulted in a threefold reduction in cloud computing costs moving from virtual machines to containers.

They also achieved substantial time and cost savings in solution design, development, testing, and deployment. Management and maintenance costs were also halved, and the time required to test new business or application ideas was drastically reduced from one year to weeks instead of months.


The challenge for The Client was navigating a fragmented, non-standardized IT landscape that was not only costly but also hampered their operational efficiency. They needed a scalable solution to transition from traditional IT methods to a more cloud-native and DevOps-centric approach. The solution had to be effective in consolidating various technological platforms and reducing operational complexities and expenses.


The Customer selected ARO and ROSA for their flexibility, open-source principles, and compatibility with their existing Microsoft Azure and AWS infrastructures. Arctiq was pivotal in this project, leveraging our expertise in cloud-native solutions and DevOps practices. We collaborated closely with IBM and Red Hat to help engineer a solution specifically tailored to the Customer’s needs. 

A key component of the strategy implemented by Arctiq was integrating GitOps automation tools such as Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform, GitHub, and ArgoCD. These tools were instrumental in streamlining the developer experience, notably reducing the mean time to deployment and easing the developer onboarding process. This reduction in deployment time, coupled with the improvements in stability and security, significantly minimized the complexity of the IT environment. As a result, project upstarts were expedited, further advancing the Customer’s journey towards an efficient and agile IT future.


Embracing DevOps by shifting from VMs to containers has proven to be very successful and resulted in reduced infrastructure costs (3x), helping increase business agility.

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