Streamline Developer Experience to GCP/GKE

Providing consulting services to streamline the developer experience to GCP/GKE.

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This Customer’s recent company wide strategic investment into public cloud and associated tools, is focused around bringing technology transformation via new solutions to all their business units to help drive new efficiencies and deliver improved customer experience.

Goals Achieved

At the end of our engagement, the Customer was presented with thorough documentation on developer experience for GKE, outlining end-to-end visibility of the process. Arctiq delivered a developer environment (Kubernetes in a box) including training and CI/CD pipeline enhancements - replicating processes from existing Kubernetes platform (OCP) to GKE.


Arctiq started working with the Customer teams to help them around DevOps best practices and faster application deployment while improving the overall developer experience.


Initially, our work focused around Jenkins and Kubernetes, but pivoted to establish pipelines and deploy applications using GitHub and with cloud-native toolsets. This is due to the company wide cloud initiative that moved all business units’ activity into GCP with developers now using GKE.


The Customer was pleased that Arctiq was able to complete this project in the short timeline that was given.

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