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July 12, 2023

Arctiq achieves a Google Cloud Specialization: Application Development - Services Partner

We are extremely proud to announce our latest achievement of yet another Google Cloud Specialization. Arctiq is now Application Development - Services Partner Specialized, in addition to our recent attainment of the Infrastructure Services Specialization.

Accomplishing this Specialization further underlines Arctiq’s investment with Google Cloud as we leverage it to differentiate our business, adding to the superpowers that we bring forward when working with our customers and the Google team. By becoming specialized, Arctiq signals to customers and the tight-knit technical partner ecosystem that, as a partner, we bring a deeper level of commitment and an unrivaled set of skills to the market.

We now know that going through the process of achieving any Google Cloud Specialization is extremely detailed, requiring partners to demonstrate the exact kind of evidence to a specific project suitable as per each specialization requirement. In addition to customer success stories, and specifically for the Application Development - Services Partner Specialization, the audit required Arctiq to demonstrate our practice of applied modernization techniques and patterns. Arctiq had to showcase following industry standards and industry best practices, and the deep technical knowledge and project delivery capabilities focused on Google Cloud's application modernization suite of products and service, including GKE, Anthos and Apigee. 

Arctiq applies blueprints such as an API-first approach, event-driven architectures, and workload containerization. We use techniques to move from monolith to micro-services transitions using strangler or proxy patterns to ensure safe transitions. These practices drive the right outcomes for organizations undertaking efforts to modernize applications onto Google Cloud. Arctiq can assist your business in streamlining your application development and modernization efforts, embracing cloud-native scalable solutions to optimize applications.

The Partner and Alliance team at Arctiq continues the efforts of strengthening our Google Cloud Partnership beyond professional certifications, specialization and expertise. Our efforts continue forward and focus on working closely with the Google teams, aligning on strategic accounts, leading customers on their individual transformative journeys adopting cloud, and replicating that success while morphing our  partner interactions from organic to more strategic alignment.

The Partner and Alliance team at Arctiq will keep you posted on more news to come.

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Olena Shtepa
Partner Sales

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