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August 21, 2023

Arctiq achieves Security Competency with HashiCorp

We are overjoyed to showcase and celebrate Arctiq's most recent achievement as the inaugural Canadian partner of HashiCorp to attain a Security Competency within the scope of their Partner Technical Competency Program for Systems Integrators.

In October 2022, HashiCorp introduced two competencies: Infrastructure Competency and Security Competency. These were designed to validate and acknowledge the investments made by the System Integrator (SI) Partners in the HashiCorp ecosystem, providing assurance to customers that partners possess the necessary expertise to effectively implement and incorporate HashiCorp products and solutions.

To attain the Security Competency, Arctiq had to undergo an evaluation based on various criteria, which encompassed having HashiCorp-certified technical personnel and a track record of successful customer implementations of HashiCorp products. The focus of the Security Competency revolves around the following areas:

  • Effective secrets management using HashiCorp Vault
  • Advanced solution: Implementing zero trust security utilizing HashiCorp Vault, Terraform, and Consul

As Arctiq showcased our commitment to the HashiCorp ecosystem and the product lineup, subsequent to a successful audit, the Security Competency was granted, and it remains effective for the duration of two years. 

This achievement formally acknowledges Arctiq’s capability to effectively deliver and seamlessly integrate HashiCorp products and solutions into collaborative initiatives and projects undertaken by our mutual customers. In addition to being a certified implementation partner for HashiCorp, achieving the Security Competency increases Arctiq’s differentiation as implementation and delivery partner for HashiCorp in the overall SI ecosystem.

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Olena Shtepa
Partner Sales

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