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January 22, 2022
Press Release

Benchmark Corp and Arctiq Inc. amalgamate

Toronto, ONTARIO, January 31, 2022 — Benchmark Corp., a Canadian data center and cloud solutions provider, and Arctiq Inc., a boutique transformative technology services provider, have agreed to amalgamate to enhance end-to-end service delivery capabilities to meet increasing demand. Arctiq is a Canadian innovator with an outstanding history delivering modern and complex application deployment solutions enabling business success and growth. Benchmark has a strong history of supporting Canadian enterprises with leading data centre and cloud solutions, focusing on DevOps, DevSecOps automation and orchestration, Kubernetes, and cloud security. The merger is complete as of January 31st. Both Benchmark and Arctiq are excited to bring their teams and expertise together immediately.

Kam Sabouri, Managing Director, Benchmark Corp.: “This merger is great for the Canadian market and will enable our North American clients and partners to engage directly with local Canadian professionals instead of off-shore or near-shore support offered by the big SI’s. When I approached my long-time friend Mike Morrison about this merger he was completely aligned in our vision, strategy, execution, and corporate culture in every way. Special gratitude is extended to Luc Villeneuve for his leadership and our technology leaders Shlomo Bielak and Matt Cole for laying the foundation needed to welcome Arctiq to our family.”

Adds Mike Morrison, Founder and President, Arctiq Inc.: “A handful of innovators came together when DevOps was in its infancy to help clients navigate new and challenging opportunities. Arctiq has grown quickly led by our passionate professionals with deep expertise in helping create DevSecOps, Cloud, and modern application solutions for the biggest brands in North America. The exhilarating adventure has now elevated to the next level as we join forces with Benchmark. Our vision is aligned, and we are excited about the innovative solutions we will deploy for our mutual clients. In addition to our team of amazing people, Arctiq brings enhanced services partnership from the likes of Google, Red Hat, Microsoft Azure, and others to bolster Benchmark’s enterprise solutions programs.”

The Board of Directors of the amalgamated organization includes Kam Sabouri as Chairman, along with Mike Morrison and Luc Villeneuve. Luc Villeneuve will continue as president, Shlomo Bielak will lead the CTO’s office, and David Briand will be the COO implementing the vision and strategy of the entire organization (CEO, CTO, President). By pooling expertise, Benchmark and Arctiq are excited to offer their combination of two highly advanced and successful frameworks. Together they offer proprietary assessment applications, such as the DevOps EQ developed with CloudBees creating a measurable roadmap for SDLC success in one hour. Arctiq’s RAMP and Benchmark DEM (DevOps Enablement Methodology) frameworks will combine to deploy ever more quickly to realize such savings, and consulting rails to ensure clients stay on track.

About Benchmark Corp.

Founded in 2003, Benchmark is a Canadian systems integrator specializing in DevSecOps, DevOps, automation, security, data, and analytics to help leaders accelerate their journey to the cloud. We optimize operations, modernize processes, boost productivity, support scalable growth and empower employees to exceed customer and shareholder expectations. Our certified experts evaluate your infrastructure to drive the right decisions and orchestrate IT solutions to provide custom recommendations. In spring 2020, Benchmark Corp. was honored by Channel Daily News (CDN) as one of Canada’s Top 100 Solution Providers as the Newcomer of the Year.

About Arctiq

Arctiq impacts organizations by creating the technological blueprints required for business success and growth. Our consultants architect, implement, and guide our clients through modernizing strategies, processes, and outcomes. We service innovation.

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