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Keep a pulse on your application performance

Dynatrace provides a unified platform for observability, tracing, and analytics, enabling organizations to gain deep insights into their applications' performance. Arctiq leverages Dynatrace's tooling and processes to help organizations improve their application performance, user experience, and business outcomes.

Arctiq's experienced consultants work with developers and SysAdmins to coach them on how to use Dynatrace to monitor their applications' health, identify performance bottlenecks, and optimize their code. This approach helps teams speak the same language, write higher-quality code faster, and deliver innovation and growth for their applications and their business.


Our focus is clear:


Dynatrace's platform provides end-to-end observability and insights across hybrid, multi-cloud environments. With Arctiq's enablement solutions, organizations can leverage Dynatrace to monitor and optimize their entire application stack, from front-end web applications to back-end microservices.


Dynatrace's AI-powered observability platform captures and analyzes data from across the application stack, providing rich insights to help teams find faults faster and reduce resolution times. Arctiq can help organizations leverage this data to drive continuous improvement and innovation.


Dynatrace's platform is designed with security in mind, providing real-time threat detection and intelligent response capabilities. Arctiq's experienced consultants can help organizations leverage Dynatrace to ensure their applications are secure and compliant, from planning security and policies to implementation and education of the final design.