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Get social with your application code

GitHub is more than just a code repository, it’s an immersive social platform where developers share their code, and a solution for your internal code sharing opportunities. Arctiq coaches the non-converted how to change your approach to code using Git based tooling and processes, including a culture-based approach.

The openness of sharing and re-using approved code in a secure Enterprise deployment of GitHub can be a major change to an organization. Arctiq coaches developers and SysAdmins to embrace this new social approach, speaking the same language, writing higher-quality code faster, and a more open and sharing team. All of these advantages quickly drive innovation and growth for your applications and your business.


Our focus is clear:


The GitHub platform provides a virtual world for developers of any code to interact and share. Internal secure Enterprise deployments bring immediate benefits to team interaction and DevOps processes. Git is a fundamental platform of DevOps, Agile, and Infra-as-Code methodologies.


Share your critical application data across your entire company, reuse your assets, and find faults faster. GitHub brings more access to data across your application teams, inherently reducing internal silos, and sharing success across your business. Arctiq helps you manage your critical app code in GitHub securely.


The policies and processes of Git can be a new world for companies embarking on modern transformation. Arctiq’s DevOps and application deployment methodologies focus on the full requirements of a GitHub deployment – from planning security and policies, to implementation and education of the final design.