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Our Story

At Arctiq we accelerate adoption of HashiCorp tools. We're committed to introducing a fresh approach, ensuring our clients make the most of their modernization investments. We assist in adopting a new operating model across infrastructure, security, networking, application, and cloud domains.

Our History

HashiCorp Systems Integrator since 2017, Arctiq has held the distinction of being Canada's exclusive Virtual Bench partner since the initiation of the HashiCorp Professional Services Program in 2019.

Our Expertise

We pride ourselves on being a specialized and certified implementation partner. Through ongoing collaboration, knowledge exchange, rigorous testing, and constant refinement, Arctiq ensures premium service to our shared customers. We're enthusiastic about the future growth of our partnership.

Our team boasts impressive credentials: over half of our technical delivery consultants are certified in various HashiCorp tools. Notably, we're honored to include a Boundary Core Contributor in our ranks.

Our Commitment

We are devoted to fostering a collaborative relationship with HashiCorp, aiding mutual customers in their journey towards a modern, efficient, and secure digital environment.


Our focus is clear:


Consulting Excellence

We concentrate on delivery and training, emphasizing genuine value through DevOps in both multi-cloud and hybrid settings.

Thought Leadership

We foster our ability to remain forward-thinking, guide and inspire our customers, community and the industry through actively sharing valuable insights, innovative ideas, and cutting-edge knowledge. Stay updated with our contributions to the community and join our upcoming events.



We ensure our clients reap significant benefits, making their businesses more efficient and dynamic.


Since our inception, we've prioritized building and nurturing ecosystem partnerships.


Team Approach to Service Delivery

Our comprehensive technical knowledge, combined with our enterprise experience, equips us to fully grasp our client's vision. We set tangible milestones to realize long-term strategies. We don't just offer services; we work in sync with our clients to define and achieve success