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Get ahead of your data storage needs

Arctiq's partnership with Pure Storage provides modern data storage solutions that enable your organization to harness the power of data. Our solutions range from storage systems for traditional and cloud-native applications, data protection, and AI-driven insights to make data-driven decisions.

Arctiq consultants guide you in modernizing your data storage strategy, ensuring it's aligned with your business outcomes, and delivers scalability, resilience, and high performance.


Our focus is clear:


Pure Storage's data storage solutions are modern, innovative, and designed to handle the most demanding applications. With solutions such as FlashArray, FlashBlade, and Pure1, you can manage your data with ease, improve the reliability of your IT infrastructure, and optimize storage efficiency.


Our partnership with Pure Storage means your organization can analyze, process and store data faster with AI-driven insights. Pure Storage's FlashBlade is designed to accelerate modern data workflows, such as AI, ML, and analytics, reducing data pipeline complexities and providing faster time to insights.


Our team of experts can help you ensure the security of your data with Pure Storage. Pure Storage's solutions are designed with enterprise-class security features and compliance certifications, enabling your organization to meet the most stringent security requirements. Our consultants help you set up, manage and monitor your data storage environment securely.