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Automate using the power of open source

Arctiq’s long standing partnership with Red Hat has produced many successful application transformations – from legacy RHEL solutions, to multi-cloud automated deployment pipelines.

Red Hat’s software helps address cloud lock-in concerns, allowing repeatable “as code” Ansible automations or OpenShift Container platform deployments across multiple environments. RHEL and OpenShift can be deployed anywhere, allowing the ultimate progression to the cloud to move at your own pace and level of risk acceptability.

Arctiq consulting is the frosting to Red Hat’s world class open source software, with your modernization project as the cake – and yes, you can eat it too!


Our focus is clear:


OpenShift everywhere – on-prem, SaaS (such as ARO and AKS), or in any cloud, Red Hat provides many options for OpenShift acquisition and deployment. Arctiq’s experience building robust pipelines with Ansible and OpenShift assures a customized deployment program to suit your specific requirements.


Arctiq builds a modern data program into each OpenShift implementation. From data consolidation, to ensuring secure access to persistent data, Red Hat’s OpenShift Data Foundation addresses requirements for Multi-Cloud portability, data intensive workloads, and a more simplified process for app developers.


When designing and deploying OpenShift solutions, Arctiq takes a progressive, layered, defense-in-depth approach. Our methodology helps clients implement security tooling and processes across the entire application stack and software lifecycle, with a focus on the core Red Hat OpenShift environment.