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June 28, 2023

Automating the cloud-native enterprise with Red Hat and Dynatrace

Are you looking to stay competitive and relevant to your customers? Have you embraced a cloud-native approach that has fundamentally changed how your applications are built, requiring a transformation in culture, revamped resourcing practices, and innovative methods to unlock maximum value?

During our webinar, hosted by Michael Kennedy, VP of Solutions Architecture at Arctiq, our speakers showed how combining Red Hat OpenShift, Ansible Automation Platform, and Dynatrace empowers teams, accelerates cloud modernization, and improves application delivery.

We did a technical deep dive into this powerful integration during our webinar, with a demo that highlighted the capabilities of the technologies involved.

Our expert speakers, Ryan Clements, Solutions Architect, Partner Ecosystem Development at Red Hat, and Jairam Ramaswamy, Manager, Technical Alliances, at Dynatrace, showed how:

  • Red Hat and Dynatrace’s joint solutions increase the speed of innovation, deliver better business outcomes, and shorten the time to value
  • To manage the complexity of multi and hybrid cloud environments through infrastructure automation with Red Hat and Dynatrace
  • The combination of Red Hat’s Kubernetes and automation solutions paired with the Dynatrace AI engine, Davis, will help you modernize your infrastructure, see where problems arise, and address any issues
Ryan M. Clements

Ryan M. Clements

Solutions Architect, Partner Ecosystem Development at Red Hat
Jairam Ramaswamy

Jairam Ramaswamy

Manager, Technical Alliances at Dynatrace
Michael Kennedy

Michael Kennedy

VP of Solutions Architecture
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